Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Children & Prayer

Welcome!  This is where you will find posts about children and prayer.  

These posts are mom-to-mom, as I am not a theologian.  I do not make the time to do a proper job with writing, so most of these posts will be written in a casual blog style, not a publication-worthy style. 

PART ONE: Introductory Information

Introduction and Disclaimers 

Why This Is Important


PART TWO:  Prerequisites for Parents

We cannot give what we don't have!

Mini-primer on prayer

What is a contemplative life?
Am I my child's spiritual director?



PART THREE:  Setting the Stage 

Brief Personal Reflections

A Solid Foundation in the Catholic Church

Creating a Catholic Culture in Your Home

A Note on Silence 

The Most Important Lesson for Parents - This was not a part of the original presentation on Children & Prayer, but shares a revelation about how I went wrong and where I need to go now.


PART FOUR:  Activities/Practices/Lessons

You are your child's spiritual director- Meeting your child's spiritual needs based on his temperament.
The Quiet Game - Finding ways to practice being quiet; hoping it will spill over into other areas.
Children and Mass in the EF - Another take on forming children in the practice of silence.
Teaching Chant to Children - Because anything is better than my CCD experience of "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony . . ."  Ahem!
Celebrating ALL of Christmas - A post about the Christmas Season through Candlemas
Worksheet Printables for Quick & Easy Lessons

PART FIVE:  Reflections on Children & Prayer Issues

At the End of Solitude - Reflections for adults, but applicable to older children.
Faith & Feelings - Preparing children for when prayer no longer causes good feelings. Spiritual dryness.
The Most Important Lesson for Parents - Because it is so important, I'm listing it here, too.

PART SIX:  Beyond the Blog

It's the book on children and prayer that I wished I'd written.  But I'm so glad that it was written at the capable hands of Connie Rossini.  Why you need this book.  Highlights from this book. Click on the "buying options" link for more of Connie's books, including the guide to determining your child's temperament.

Buying Options Here
* Humourous, but totally on point advice about children and prayer.  Our Father Who Art in Stop Hitting Your Sister: praying with regular kids