Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Yes, my last post was at the very beginning of Lent. Blogging didn't happen during Lent because it was difficult to sit at the computer. I did not get to choose my Lent this year; circumstances chose for me, in the shape of a knee I twisted less than a week before Ash Wednesday. Any position I tried to sit in, when at the computer, was too painful for many weeks.

No need to go into my medical history. In short: pain management, multiple doctors, and a very slow recovery. This last thing has been difficult for me. I don't do waiting patiently very well. I'm sure it was not a coincidence that the spiritual reading I kept stumbling upon ran parallel to my physical challenges: slow down, listen, accept that things happen little by little, wait, let go of control.

Given the difficulty of walking, there has been no running since the first Saturday in February. (Who's counting?) I have missed running. A lot. It is such a stress release for me, but it is also such a valuable prayer time. Again, not a coincidence that my Lenten readings also highlighted the need to let go of what prayer I think is best for me. This is something I know intellectually, but the practice isn't coming easily.

On the bright side, I am learning my body's weak spots and know what to do to get stronger. I have learned so much about the human body, the necessity of movement, and the importance of proper movement. Strong leg muscles aren't enough, that hip/pelvis area needs to be strong, too. And who knew that flexibility in the shank was so important? Hopefully, the chronic twisting issues will stop, once I've improved my flexibility.

Another benefit to this experience? I get outside every day. I love the out-of-doors, even if I don't always make time to get out there. Rehabbing the knee is a good motivation for getting out daily, even if for just a bit.

As life transforms from "all about the injury" to "the new normal of healing," I hope to return to the blogosphere. I've missed the sites I visit. There might not be much writing going on around here, but I will make an effort to share the beauty of the unfolding spring. If knee rehab must happen, it is a lovely season for it!