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Friday, December 4, 2015

7QT: Fast Food/Allergy Hilarity

File this under the category of: We don’t get out much, I guess? Given that almost half the family has food sensitivities of one kind or another, there is just a small selection of restaurants we visit, where we know we can work around the assorted dietary needs and not go hungry.

I took a few of my children for an impromptu visit to McDonald’s. The reactions of the three-year-old were hilarious.

~  ONE  ~
She didn’t even know where she was. As we approached the counter, she asked (loudly), “Is this Wendy’s?”

~  TWO  ~
She didn’t know Happy Meals come with a toy. As we waited for our order, she became enchanted with the display of all the toys that are in the current Happy Meal cycle. I told her she’d be getting one with her meal and she was shocked speechless for a moment.

~  THREE  ~
The speechlessness came to an end when she became alarmed that she might not be the only one who didn’t know Happy Meals are meant to come with a toy. Specifically, she was afraid the employee serving us wouldn’t know. “How will the woman know she should give me a toy?” She asked that, worriedly, a few times.

~  FOUR  ~
The Happy Meal comes in a box.

~  FIVE  ~
The thrill continued beyond the food and toy, in a box. Whilst we were stopped at a red light just after leaving the establishment, she noticed an employee leaving work for the evening. She found it so unusual to see an employee out of the restaurant, she shared this adventure about with each family member who wasn’t with us at McDonald’s.

~  SIX  ~
She was still excited the next morning. The first thing she did upon awakening was tear through the house, “Where’s my Happy Meal toy?”

~  SEVEN  ~
Even I got in on the excitement. When did they start making the French fry boxes so tiny and cute?

Do we sound pathetic? As if we never get out? We do! Our adventures just don’t include fast food experiences.

It has been way too long since I’ve participated in Seven Quick Takes. I miss thinking of my 7; I miss reading others’ 7. 

Thank you, Kelly, for hosting!
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  1. This was hilarious! Loved it. Blessings!

    1. Three-year-olds are great. Thanks for stopping by!