Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wardrobe Challenge

I love September, for so many reasons.  New beginnings (see yesterday's post).  My birthday.  Cooler nights.

I stumbled upon a September challenge today. Despite my stepping back from planning Grand Schemes for myself just now, I cannot help clicking when I see tempting headlines. Leah Darrow (I know about her through her associations with the American Chesterton Society) is embarking upon Wardrobe and Peace: The Closet Challenge. The bottom line: pare down the wardrobe and examine the motivation behind accumulating things.

Interesting about this particular wardrobe challenge is the Christian perspective that Leah Darrow is bringing to it. There isn't a lot of that out there, that I have seen. I am fine with purely secular approaches to simplifying any aspect of life, wardrobe or otherwise. I cheer on those who are content to say, "I de-cluttered and felt peace," even if they are not specifically quoting St. John Paul or St. Therese (as Darrow did).  However, in a grumpy way, I am put off by those who try to inject a certain spirituality into their "pare down the excess" that runs counter to what Christianity teaches.  I do not believe that things are bad, in and of themselves.  I don't believe the material world is inherently bad.  In fact, I believe that most stuff is morally neutral: clothing, books, kitchen gadgets, toys, etc. We are an incarnational people. The Word became flesh.  Matter matters.  The key here is that we put our material possessions in their proper order. Whether our natural tendencies are minimalist or hoarder, we should strive to seek balance and order. (Ha, that rhymes.)

Personally speaking, I cannot recommend the capsule wardrobe highly enough.  I will follow Darrow's challenge, as it plays out online.  It promises to be interesting.

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