Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I love this.

A Wannabe Runner, a Half Marathon and the Finish Line | 13.1 Random Thoughts

Clever concept, 13.1 thoughts, yeah?  It's an inspiring journey.  I agree that running is soooo good for a healthy emotional state of mind.  The author's last point, in particular, poked at an uncomfortable spot in me.  She tells herself:
Lisa, it’s time to stop calling yourself a wannabe runner. You are a bone fide runner. A s-l-o-w bone fide runner, but a runner nonetheless. Now go set another goal and get after it!

It's been two years and two months of running for me, now.  [Not a half-marathoner.  Just a 5K-er.]  But I still have a hard time calling myself a runner.  Aren't I just a wannabe?  [See?  I have to apologize for running "just" 5Ks.]

There's something so mythical about runners.  Non-runners and wannabe runners see 'real' runners as doing the impossible.  Hard to put yourself in the category of people who do the impossible.

It's the way some people see the Saints, too.  Surely, they must be given something more than the rest of us.  That's why they are able to do big things.  I've not been given those gifts, so I cannot be one of them.  Of course, all we will ever be is wannabe saints, until we reach the finish line.

I'm reflecting on what it will take to make me feel like I can be called a real runner.  That's unanswered, as I publish this . . .

Most of my runs are #morningrun, but this was a recent #eveningrun. 

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