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~ GK Chesterton

Friday, May 29, 2015

SQT: Book Giveaway!

~  ONE  ~
A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Choleric Child.  This is the book I have wanted to see for a long time.  This book is what I had in mind when I began my blog, for this is remarkably close to what I set out to do in my scattered way in the Children & Prayer section.  I am thrilled to see this book has been written and published by the very capable hands of Connie Rossini. 

~  TWO  ~
This is not my official book review.  I haven’t had adequate time to digest all the information.  And you wouldn’t expect instant feedback from a phlegmatic personality, right?  Regardless, I am dedicating a Seven Quick Takes to this book, as my contribution to the book launch.

~  THREE  ~
Background. Only in passing have I mentioned on this blog how much I enjoy reading about personality types and temperament types. I’ve been interested in Myers-Briggs for a number of decades now.  (I am an INFJ and test quite strongly on the I and the J.)  I know the M-B types of my husband and my children, which helps in recognizing the reasoning behind the behavior that puzzles us about each other.

I am less familiar with the four temperament types, except to know my own. This book is the first exposure I have had to looking at my children’s temperaments. (I’ve tested phlegmatic in online tests, until I took Connie’s test [see next Quick Take] which put me at slightly more melancholic. Thus, I’m not sure if I’m a phlegmatic-melancholic or a melancholic-phlegmatic.  Either way, this book has helped me see anew my relationship with one choleric in particular.)

~  FOUR  ~
Don’t yet know your child’s temperament?  That’s simple.  Determining Your Child's Temperament: A brief quiz for Catholic parents.  It’s the prequel to the book for the choleric child. Check out Connie’s website for instructions on downloading this.  I think it’s free if you are one of her subscribers.  Or, just buy the Kindle version.  It’s only $0.99.

~ FIVE  ~
Why do you need this book?  It contains three things that are important in any how-tos about children & prayer.  

One: This book assumes that a rich inner prayer life is not beyond the reach of children.  I agree. Many parents today will complain about their own religious upbringing and its watered-down catechesis.  This watered-down catechesis springs, in part, from the belief that children cannot handle anything of depth.  I disagree with this; children hunger for meaning as much as any adult.  I am not saying that every child can be Augustine, if only they are reading the right books.  I am saying that we shouldn’t withhold exposing our children to the riches of the faith merely because they are children.  And I will admit that I’ve failed my children in more ways that I could count, but I live by the hope that those things I have done well for their spiritual growth will help them today and in the future.

Two:  This book is more than just a ‘curriculum and instruction’ manual.  By focusing on temperament, it gets to the core of who your child really is.  An understanding of your own temperament goes a long way in helping your personal relationship with God.  An understanding of your child’s temperament is an important way for you to guide the spiritual development of the little soul placed in your care.  In the book-in-my-mind (see Quick Take ONE), I imagined narratives about meeting a child where he is, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.  Connie has gone deeper, showing us how the essence of a child’s temperament is the way to find out how to meet a child where he is.

Three: Activities! Lessons!  Lists! Worksheets!  The theoretical meets the practical.  The prayerful heart of Mary gets support from the lesson plans of Martha. You won’t be left thinking, “This all sounds great, but how do I go about it?” Connie puts you on the path.

~  SIX  ~
Go buy this book!  Read this book.  Use this book.  Buy it online, either paperback or e-book.  If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, borrow the book, as authors receive a royalty when you do this.


~  SEVEN  ~
In order to help share the knowledge contained in this book AND in the interest in supporting a writer I like, I am going to offer a giveaway.  

ONE paperback copy and TWO Kindle editions will be won by three lucky blog readers.  I’ll keep the offer open for one week, ending at the end of the day Thursday, and work out the winner over that weekend. 

We are small potatoes, here at the Irish Stew Blog, so I’m not going to go through the effort of a Rafflecopter or anything like that.  My comment moderation is on, so feel free to leave your name, e-mail address, and preferred format (paperback or Kindle), knowing it will be kept private.  No one except me will have access to your information; I’ll throw away the names and addresses once the winners are drawn. 

NB: Please do enter if you are a ‘real life’ friend of mine; you are not excluded just because you have a personal connection.  And if you’re a visitor who clicked over from elsewhere, visiting the blog for the first time, be assured that the drawing is completely random and it doesn’t boost anyone else’s chances, knowing me personally.

Thanks to Kelly for hosting Seven Quick Takes Friday!


  1. Thanks, Colleen! I'd still love to see a book from you on teaching kids to pray. We each have different insights, and I like to be a learner, not just a teacher. Btw, sound like your temperament is similar to mine. Go figure.

    1. We must meet face-to-face one day!