Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Early Spring

These photos were taken last week, on the first warm day we'd had after an unseasonable cold spell.

Baby Sheep Face

Look at the black sheep in the bunch!

I love chickens.  Pure and simple.

A crawfish!  Egad, I wouldn't touch it.

Deer Print

Frolic in the Stream

New Growth


More New Growth

The children play, run, and splash.  I watch them, but I also have a mini-retreat.  I breathe in the springtime smells and bask in the sunlight.  I take delight in the greenery that is emerging.  I am grateful for feeling neither too cold nor too warm.

I believe, firmly, in taking the time to notice the beauty of each season.  Spring doesn't take much effort.

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