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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Congenial Runners

Paula Radcliffe Bows Out Among Marathon Masses
Paula Radcliffe has brought down the curtain on her glittering athletics career by completing the London Marathon alongside a record number of amateurs and fundraisers.

The 41-year-old, who has run the marathon three minutes faster than any other woman and holds the fastest three times in history, chose not to compete with the elite athletes.

But she still managed a respectable unofficial time of 2:36:55 after running the last part of the race hand-in-hand with a club runner.

Such a nice story! For the moment, I don't care to dwell on runners who have cheated with drugs (or cheated without drugs).  And, yes, I know there is serious competition in the big races that are out of my league.

However, I choose to look at this story as the perfect example of my personal experience with runners.  Whether they train for the long races, or whether they just jog every few days for the health of it, the runners I know are some of the most encouraging, supportive athletes around.  If I am triumphantly breaking personal records, or if I am  struggling with a difficulty, no one who is a stronger runner than I am has ever belittled my efforts. 

Paula Radcliffe could have run the race differently.  I think the way she chose was a good one.

Well done, Paula!

I will say that this is never how I want to watch a marathon.  Or, honestly, watch anything.  I'd really rather not be suspended above life like that.  Click on that link to the source of the photo, as there's an entire series of photos from the glass walkway.  Vertigo inducing!

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