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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Look at Legumes

Blogging about food was on the agenda, when I began this online endeavor.  The burgeoning spring weather brings about a desire to shake up our menu routine.  Think of this post as laying the foundation for any food-related blogging that is coming down the pike.

Eating a variety of foods in as close to their natural state as possible is a good rule of thumb.  Anyone recognize the origins of that phrase?  However, there are problems with getting a variety, when there is (or are) a major food group (or groups) that need to be avoided, due to allergies.

And we have sensitivities in this house, let me tell you.

My problem is with legumes.  It took a while to discover this, since different legumes have a different effect on me.  Coming into contact with peanut oil is enough to cause hives, whereas eating guar gum-containing cottage cheese plugs up my sinuses, and anything soy disturbs my digestive tract.  Any sort of legume that I unintentionally ingest over a period of time causes joint pain.  (There are many people who experience unexplained joint pain.  Something to consider.)  I spent quite a while thinking I was going crazy, until I discovered that legume was the common denominator in any ill health I experienced.

When I am legume-free, my body is happy.  Trouble arises because I do eat legume, both accidentally and intentionally.  Legumes are everywhere, the FDA doesn't require companies to specify the ingredients in their 'natural flavors' label list, so that leads to accidental ingestion.  And I have been known to cheat on my diet, especially when it comes to a certain local Mexican food restaurant.

I happened upon the paleo diet when I was searching for a soybean-free mayonnaise.  There is a wealth of information supporting the paleo lifestyle choice.  This is a good thing for people who suffer food sensitivities.  Typically, we're written off as nutters who are endangering ourselves with fad diets.  I've even heard that food allergy sufferers are the modern-day consumptive-wannabes.  Ouch. 

I am not a nutter.  At least, not about this.  There could be physiological reasons behind my body's inability to tolerate The Pod.  Without further ado, the science behind the practice of abstaining from legumes to get you started:

Spilling the Beans – 10 Reasons to Avoid Eating Legumes

How Do Grains, Legumes and Dairy Cause a Leaky Gut? Part 1: Lectins

How Do Grains, Legumes and Dairy Cause a Leaky Gut? Part 2: Saponins and Protease Inhibitors

Avoiding legumes is easy, if you are willing to cook from scratch and to spend a bit more on less processed foods.  Having done this for almost a decade now, I can confirm that this way of life tastes a lot better!

Triple the cost of peanut butter, but no hives.

Homemade pizza dough tonight!

Most bacon contains soy derivatives. Not mine!

Be sure to read Paleo Mom's impressive credentials and background story.

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