Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reading: God Alone and I

New book!  New format!

Yes, I have been won over to the electronic way of life.  I have a Kindle.  Truthfully, I've been using the Kindle app on my phone for quite some time.

I resisted.  I did.  There's something about the material experience of a real book: the feel of the cover and the pages or the smell of a new book.  As well, I resisted for political reasons: I grew up on Orwell during the Cold War. I wasn't happy with the idea of such an easy ability to obliterate the written word, to change words and their meanings electronically.

But portability convinced me.  As did being exposed to bedbugs from the library.  THANK HEAVENS we did not get bedbugs.  But it changed forever my ability to share books with the general public.

Now I am reading this:

Yes, it's black and white.  But I wanted an e-reader, not a tablet.

God Alone and I: Carmelite Meditations

Paperback or Kindle format here.

I borrowed this book through Kindle Unlimited, but I ended up purchasing it because I knew I wanted it for the long term. 

The book contains a number of short meditations.  First, a quote.  Then an explanatory reflection.  Then a colloquy consisting of another Carmelite quote.

Because of this book, I was introduced to a new Carmelite.  An OCDS by the name of General de Sonis.  More on him in another post, most definitely.  Here is the quotation that captured me:
"O Jesus, I no longer care what people think of me.  Truly I do not understand this pride.  I believe that true heroism consists in constant fidelity to the humble and hidden way.  I am happy when lost in the rank and file, and when I feel that I am counted as nothing.  Then, only, can I walk in a glory that lights the soul without burning it."

I happened upon this at the right time.  I needed the reminder that the thing bothering me at that moment was rooted in pride.  Thank you, General de Sonis.

I recommend this book!

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