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~ GK Chesterton

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Funny Link

I like this.

My children know I won't allow phones at the dinner table.

I can be a bit cranky about how texts interfere in social interactions nowadays.  I get it when mothers text with their kids at home.  As well, there are situations where you might warn people in advance, "I'm waiting for the auto body shop to be in touch with their quote," so you can check messages that come in.  Other than that, please put the phone away when you go visiting people. Or hosting people.

I imagine, though, that this will change.  I remember when it was considered bad manners to chat on the phone when riding public transportation or walking through a store.  It's become rather accepted now, hasn't it?  And still, some of those conversations proclaimed loudly in public are not for public consumption.  And some of those talking-while-shopping are so clueless of their surroundings that they don't notice how they get in the way of people around them.  Please, modulate your voice.  Please, be aware of fellow shoppers if you must take a call when out and about.

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