Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve!

Time got away from me.  Not much activity as I'd planned on the blog this Advent.
At the beginning of this Advent, I posted about all the quotations I'd been collecting to get me through the weeks.  The funny thing is, I didn't need them.  Morning and Evening Prayer were enough to keep me grounded.
Finding Father Barron in the inbox every morning helped.  Pere Jacques was another welcome e-mail with a wonderful source of reflections.  (And a resolution to get to know him better!)  Finally, I found inspiration from Elizabeth Foss and her Advent meditations.
I never turned to the arsenal of quotes I’d put together in preparation for Advent.  Perhaps reading the quotes back in November helped me then, so I didn’t need them now.
Seeing it written out here makes my Advent prayer seem very busy, scattered, and not at all peaceful.  On the contrary, these sources provided some gentle words to turn to at various times throughout the day when I took a few moments to be quiet.
And it worked!  This Advent was no busier than any others, with regards to activities in the schedule.  But I never felt rushed.  We watched Christmas movies.  We made Christmas desserts.  We had family visit two different weekends.  Nothing felt stressed.  Why?  Smart people reminded me to enjoy the moment, to focus on the Goal of this waiting period, and to not worry.
It all went well until this morning, when I began to feel upset about the amount of unprepared food still needing preparing.  In the middle of an almost-meltdown, I reminded myself to enjoy the moment and to focus on the Goal of Advent.  I gave myself permission to strike one item off the to-do list and regained my composure about the rest needing to be done.
It’s a lovely day here today.  I went for a run this morning.  The temperature was in the 50s and there was a light drizzle.  It reminded me, very pleasantly, of our Christmases in East Anglia.
Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

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