Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why blog?

I blog because my life is perfect and I cannot wait to share my how-tos with the world.

Uh . . . .


I blog even though life is very imperfect.  Not to cover up the imperfections, or to pretend they don't exist.  Not to deny that I face certain anxieties about the state of the world, or to pretend that they don't exist.  Instead, blogging (for me) is about making a concerted effort to put my own positive mark on the world.  I suspect it's the same for others out there.

Blogging, both writing my own and reading others', provides a bit of healthy escapism.  In posting pretty photos, in sharing stories, never in a million years am I trying to tell the world I'm perfect, my life is perfect, and aren't I wonderful.  Never in a million years do I think that the people who keep the blogs that are amongst my favorites are trying to convince us they are perfect.

I do not understand it, when I see criticism leveled at (mostly) women who share photos of their homes, their children, their gardens.  There are very talented and creative people out there.  Rejoice!

Why are people so offended by the little attempts people make to share beauty with the world?

I had an acquaintance about two decades ago who was inexplicably intimidated by Martha Stewart.  So much so, whenever anyone made any attempt to do something simple to make the world a prettier place, she'd roll her eyes and say, "Oh, how Martha Stewart!"  When at a coffee shop, our whipped cream was topped with a dusting of cocoa,  "Oh, how Martha Stewart!"  I'm still not sure what's pretentious about dusting whipped cream with cocoa, but I'm guessing she must have been facing insecurities about herself, if she felt the need to belittle others' attempts at small efforts to make things pretty.  That's sad, because if she'd served me cocoa at her house without the dusting of cocoa or even without the whipped cream, I'm not sure I'd even notice.

I've noticed this same thing about blogging, Pinterest, Instagram, and the like.  There's a certain segment of society that is very offended by anyone who shares their poetry, photography, or physical activity on the internet.  I've even stumbled upon entire websites devoted to being snarky about some of the superbloggers out there.  (Gee, what a waste of time!) 

[Mind you, this does NOT apply to Pinterest Fail. That is a truly hilarious website.  Maybe it's the difference between an attitude of "I don't think I could ever make anything pretty, bake anything lovely, write inspiring poetry so I shall mock anyone else who does" and an attitude of "I do enjoy 'Better Homes & Gardens,' but I certainly have my limitations!"]

Life is imperfect, messy, and sometimes anxiety-producing.  Sing songs, write poetry, plant flowers anyway.

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