Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Posting after a bit of a pause . . .

There has been a lot going on lately that has kept me from this blog.  Not even 7 Quick-Take Fridays!  When I miss out on posting my takes on Fridays, it means I'm also too busy to check in with others.  And I miss those connections, even if they aren't technically connections because I don't even leave comments at most of the places I visit.  Still, I follow along with the life journeys, the random thoughts, and the photo essays of men and women all around the (English-speaking) planet.

Tiresome apologies for blogging - in which a busy mother of a handful of kids will NOT apologize for keeping a blog.  It's a great post and I identified with what she had to share even though my blog is very small and unambitious.  Here's my favorite part of that link:
Blogs for sure -- but even Twitter and Facebook and whatever comes after those -- I know I am really connecting with real people.  Yes, I have a family.  Yes, I have responsibilities.  You have jobs and I have jobs.  And yet, making time for each other to meet one on one -- it's not just allowable; it's good.  Intellectual life is not something we must fit in the crevices of our "real" lives.  It is in some ways the realest life we have, the life of human beings being human together in the world of knowing and expressing.

Just so!  I remember ten years ago, when it was just blogs because there wasn't Facebook or Twitter.  Yes, I use Facebook and Twitter, but I miss the days when dialogue wasn't limited to 140 characters. Even if all a blogger does is post a photo, or one paragraph, the blog is more welcoming to me than FB or T. Because of that, I'm pressing on with this blog, even though I have been low on writing ideas whilst submerged with the odds and ends that make up life.

I do, indeed, shut down the computer to read to the toddler, take the kids to museums, or volunteer my time where it is needed.  But since the blogosphere is the place I turn to during my down time, when I need to sit down and find a few minutes of inspiration from people out there who like to cook, read, run, or garden - I will continue to toss my own pebble into the ocean of words, stories, and ideas.

Toss, toss!

(That's a Wicked joke, as well as a reference to tossing my pebbles.)

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