Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, October 10, 2014

7QT: 7 from the 7th


Yes, this is also ST TERESA OF AVILA: NOVENA DAY FIVE.  Today is a break in the format in order to highlight 7 from the 7th: Seven Highlights from the Seventh Dwelling Place for 7 Quick-Takes Friday.

For those who clicked over from 7Quick Takes, this blog is in the middle of a novena in anticipation of the Feast of St. Teresa of Avila, coming up on the 15th.  I am sharing quotations from Interior Castle for reflection during the novena; typically one thought per day, except for today.  Today features seven highlights from the seventh dwelling place of Interior Castle.

Each of the quick-takes is from Chapter 4 of Interior Castle VII, ICS edition.

~  ONE  ~
Mary and Martha must join together in order to show hospitality to the Lord and have Him always present and not host Him badly by failing to give Him something to eat.  How would Mary, always seated at His feet, provide Him with food if her sister did not help her?  His food is that in every way possible we draw souls that they may be saved and praise Him always. 
~  TWO  ~
The Lord doesn’t look so much at the greatness of our works as at the love with which they are done.  And if we do what we can, His Majesty will enable us each day to do more and more. 

~  THREE  ~
Do you know what it means to be truly spiritual?  It means becoming the slaves of God. 

~  FOUR  ~
This is the reason for prayer, my daughters, the purpose of this spiritual marriage:  the birth always of good works, good works. 

~  FIVE  ~
The one among you who feels safest should fear more, for blessed is the man who fears the Lord, says David.  May His Majesty protect us always.  To beseech Him that we not offend Him is the greatest security we can have.

~  SIX  ~
His Majesty couldn’t grant us a greater favor than to give us a life that would be an imitation of the life His beloved Son lived.  Thus I hold for certain that these favors are meant to fortify our weakness, as I have said here at times, that we may be able to imitate Him in His great sufferings.

~  SEVEN  ~
I already told you elsewhere that sometimes the devil gives us great desires so that we will avoid setting ourselves to the task at hand, serving our Lord in possible things, and instead be content with having desired the impossible.  Apart from the fact that by prayer you will be helping greatly, you need not be desiring to benefit the whole world but must concentrate on those who are in your company, and thus your deed will be greater since you are more obliged toward them.  Do you think such deep humility, your mortification, service of all and great charity toward them, and love of the Lord is of little benefit?  The fire of love in you enkindles their souls, and with every other virtue you will be always awakening them.  Such service will not be small but very great and very pleasing to the Lord.  By what you do in deed – that which you can – His Majesty will understand that you would do much more.  Thus He will give you the reward He would if you had gained many souls for Him. 

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