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~ GK Chesterton

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Girls and Boys - Part Two

When I wrote Girls and Boys, I didn't plan for there to be a second part, but here it is.

A lovely summer morning.  The perfect opportunity to do my running on trails.

My son and I were alone on the trails, which was a bit surprising, as we seem to encounter other runners and walkers whenever we go out.  We weren't alone in the park; it had a sizable number of people out fishing.  As I was finishing up my run, it struck me that the fishing population was predominantly male.  Every age group was represented, but there was only one female, a young girl who was accompanying her grandfather.  I have seen entire families on other days, so women and girls do fish.  Still, most of the time, the overwhelming majority is men and boys.

This brought to mind what I'd written about the idea that parents, teachers, and society are doing something to discourage girls from careers in the STEM fields.  Simply put, I don't believe it happens because personal experience has shown me that parents and educators do go out of their way to promote it and even discourage girls from entering the so-called "traditionally female" career paths.

Thus, I found amusement in the populace of the fishing lake.  Where are the girls?  No women?  Who is telling girls that they shouldn't be fishing?  Will Verizon devise a "thought provoking" video sensation that will encourage us to Think about how we are shutting out our girls, when they are showing us that they have natural fishing inclinations?

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