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~ GK Chesterton

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Garden Views: End of August

In spite of the sad news about the voles, the garden is doing other pretty things at the end of this month.

This is the butterfly garden and it should be filled with pink echinacea.  Thanks to the voles, it's not.

The hostas are timed so that one type is always blooming.  These flowers are so enormous that bumble bees get lost inside.  (I've said that before.)

The maple tree is slightly kissed by touches of red. I love watching the progression of color, as it sweeps across the tree.

Some of the summer potted flowers (snapdragon) were tiring out.  We replaced them with mums that have just started to open.

The poplars turn color differently from the maples.  Certain leaves scattered throughout the tree go yellow and the fall off.  The pattern is more random than that of the maple.

Another crop of raspberries is ripening.  This raspberry patch is still too small to suit our needs.  I've been saving the berries that don't get eaten, freezing them, and waiting until the end of the season.  I'd like to make one recipe that everyone can enjoy.  How to make a half pint of raspberries go for eight people . . .

It appears the voles do not like black-eyed Susans.  That is a relief, at least!

The view from my chair on a warm summer afternoon.  In the background are the mums that have not yet bloomed.  That's all right with me -- they'll give us plenty of color way into the chilly autumn.

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