Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, August 22, 2014

7QT: Very quick takes

I do not do brief well, but I'm busy right now, so I must.  Here goes. .  .

~  ONE  ~
We took a vacation.  It was lovely to get away from the busyness of life.  Because of our time away, this past week has been a bit more hectic than I would have liked.  I've spent the last week trying to get everything ready for the start of school.

~  TWO  ~
I still have projects around the house needing to be done.  Painting, organizing, decluttering.  Oddly enough, I think I'll do better when we are finished with summer break.  A set routine does wonders for me.  I need a schedule.

~  THREE  ~
The child who breaks into hives when she encounters potato, peppers, tomatoes, some berries, dairy, chocolate does NOT get a rash from this:

 How weird is that?  And, yes, she did appear to make contact.  Multiple times, multiple days.

~  FOUR  ~
There was very poor internet connect-ability on vacation.  I loved it.  Don't get me wrong: I enjoy communicating with family and friends; I read beautiful blogs.  But there was something so refreshing about an externally-imposed technology fast.

~  FIVE  ~
One special end-of-summer treat?  The endless supply of tomatoes!  My own are now ripening.  My CSA has been providing me with plenty.  I'm not sure, yet, what tonight's dinner is going to be, but I'm trying to think of something clever and new for both tomato and cabbage.  Not sure what I shall do. . . .

~  SIX  ~
Totally random item that has nothing to do with school starting or summer vacation.  Muller yogurt.

Contains TILAPIA.  Tilapia in yogurt.  For my body, it's better than the soy that gets hidden in other brands' yogurt.  But, weird, nevertheless.

~  SEVEN  ~
Stuff to do.  Deadlines to meet.  But my retreat into rural America gives me the will to go on:

Thanks to Jen for hosting.  I look forward to reading fellow link-ers!

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