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Friday, July 25, 2014

7QT: Hot Button Topics for Contemporary Catholics

Is there something in the air?  I don’t usually plan a theme, but a theme seems to form itself very often.  This week’s theme seems to be “hot button topics for contemporary Catholics.”

~  ONE  ~
Those “coexist” bumper stickers annoy me.  Not because I am against mankind learning to get along, but because I know the spirit in which we’re being lectured to co-exist.  I have a secular humanist past.  I know that the religious believers of the world are being looked down upon as petulant children who cannot get along.  You know, bitterly clinging to our guns and religion.  That’s why I love this graphic, borrowed from Fr. Z.

~  TWO  ~
My answers to questions about gay “marriage.”  Leila’s gonna get some hate mail about this, but she handles it well.   The Church cannot change on this position any more than they could say that water has three hydrogen atoms.  Just because you may FEEL the sun rises in the west and you convince legislators to say so doesn’t mean it is so.  That secular humanist I was?  She would have said that marriage was a bourgeois institution and who would want it anyway.  But if she was intellectually honest, she would have said gay ‘marriage’ made no evolutionary sense.  If I’m a Catholic hater, I guess I was a pseudo-marxist hater, too.  Still, I wouldn’t call myself a hater, I call myself a person who has been desperately seeking logic and order most of her life.  Secular society hasn't done well at helping fulfill that need.  Hence, I'm not longer a secular humanist!

~  THREE  ~
From Pat Archbold.  Why Prophesy? A very balanced look at prophecies.  I am never comfortable with the extreme positions on prophesies.  The takeaway:

Why prophecy?  Correction and hope. Is it necessary for our salvation? No. But I am very grateful that we have it.

 ~ FOUR  ~
Elizabeth Foss does a recurring post: needle & thREAD.  A link-up in which readers share what they are sewing and what they are reading.  I wish I could participate, but any sewing I do drags out so long that my thread part of thREAD would likely be the same project for about three years.  Ahem.  The most recent post contains a book recommendation: The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.  I would say that my husband and I are doing the marriage thing pretty well, but one point in particular has been haunting me: EDIT YOURSELF.  Ouch.  I know, I know!  Just plain shutting up can be so very hard, but so very valuable in the long run.

~  FIVE  ~
I read Fr. Fox’s The Problem with Pornography on the same day a friend posted her thoughts on FB about the whole Fifty Shades phenomenon. She asked how women would feel if their husbands were getting all excited about a new porn movie, because that’s what women are doing. Yes, men who are susceptible must avoid getting sucked into pornography; women need to realize that there are female versions of it, too.

But, let us poke fun at Fifty Shades.  I have an amusing story.  A couple of years ago, a woman came to the community pool and took out a book to read whilst her kids were swimming.  Another woman there noticed what it was and the two chatted in a shouldn’t-we-be-ashamed/I-can’t-help-it-it’s-fun conversation.  I tried to surreptitiously glance at the book in question, never having heard such talk since the seventh grade when a few girls were reading Jackie Collins.  I could only make out that the author’s name was E /Some Initial/Some Last Name.  Being a political geek, I thought they were embarrassed to be reading a book by E.J.Dionne, since he’s a liberal writer.  No, it was E.L. James.  Ugh.

~  SIX  ~
Small Things is a blog I visit regularly.  Ginny did a guest post over at Ann Voskamp’s site.  She wrote a touching and personal story of what she learned about letting go.  The Secret Relief You Have to Know When You’re Overwhelmed.  At first, I didn’t think I was going to connect with this article, because my need for order and control come from a different place than hers.  Fitting the profile of Highly Sensitive Person, I have come to understand that mess and clutter aren’t about control (for me!) as they are about too much visual stimulation making me stressed and tired.  But, at the end of the article, Ginny writes about learning to rest, taking time to relax, following God’s decision to have us rest one day a week.  It hit me that a lot of my chaos is internal – and her advice was spot on!

~  SEVEN  ~
Fabulous link here.  Anti-Woman?  Five Reasons the Catholic Church is the Most Pro-Woman Institution in Existence.  That secular humanist I was once upon a time?  She needed this!  Would her heart have been moved?  Meh . . . likely, she would have scorned the list as being too heavy with women in support positions (mothers, wives).  However, that would go to show how naïve she was about the hand that rocks the cradle being the hand that rules the world.  Her vision of power was very worldly.

Controversial enough for you today?  Thanks to Jennifer for hosting 7 Quick Takes!

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