Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Garden Views: End of June

There is a wren couple that has taken up residence in our garden.  They sing quite loudly, so we can hear them, even when we cannot see them.  Their favorite singing spots are the maple tree and the privet hedge.  We've seen the female taking bits and pieces into the birdhouse.

I do not have many flowers blooming, which is a shame.  Here is what happens to be blooming at the end of June: petunias, lavender, Black-eyed Susans, oh my!

Well, almost blooming.

Sometimes I choose to sit in the garden, rather than work in the garden, so the onions and the lettuce are sharing space with weeds:

This summer's garden surprise?  PURSLANE!  After ripping it out of the garden for years, I decided to give it a try.  [Yay, urban foraging, right?]  It's a tasty leaf!  Rather sweet.  Full of Omega-3s, so I've been adding it to my veg/fruit smoothie this past week:

Herbs are thriving.  I'm letting the cilantro go to seed, because it re-sows so nicely.

Vegetables are coming along:

Plum Tomatoes


Cucumbers are flowering!

My dream garden includes lots of leafy greenery.  There is something so peaceful, being surrounded by shrubbery with trees arching overhead.  That describes the backyards of my childhood.  "Walls of green enclosures" describes a dearly loved garden that was mine for only a year and a half.  It has taken years with this garden, but I am finally getting close to my walls of green.

Happy June!

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