Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, June 20, 2014

7QT: In which I link up after a burst of energy!

I’ve missed 7 Quick Takes too much recently.  I've not posted and I've not visited any fellow 7QT-ers in a few weeks.  In a fit of blogging energy, I will post it my blog and visit others'.   

These are my 7 Not-As-Quick Takes today.

~  ONE  ~
Love this. Getting Kids Moving Might Be Easier Than You Think. A paleo dad gives the science behind why we choose to move or why we choose to be sedentary.  Very interesting ideas.  He has a trampoline, a trapeze bar, and a balance beam inside the house for his kids to play.  Mine would love it; not sure if my husband would go along with it.

~  TWO  ~
Whenever I have latched on to a topic, I find it everywhere.  Here’s another link about children and movement.  WHY CHILDREN FIDGET: And what we can do about it. Among the many, many, many reasons I don’t believe in year round school, extended school days, or zero time for recess is that, quite simply, I don’t believe that it is right or natural for children to sit still at a desk for hours at a time.  Schooling as we know it is a very new concept, compared with the history of humanity.  Even if kids didn’t have a carefree childhood before the advent of schooling, they were not sitting still.  They were working around the home.  It took a lot of physical exertion to keep a household going, once upon a time.

Therefore, I am a firm believer that the explosion of diagnoses of hyperactivity, attention problems, and the like might be linked to modern life.  Undoubtedly, many things play a role.  Certainly, though, the sedentary life is not natural.  Don’t start in with me on the need to keep up with foreign students’ math scores.  Longer school days and longer school years are not the answer!

~  THREE  ~
One thing that annoys me is how often people are hurt by the careless tongues of others.  I’m not sure why people think it is all right to comment on personal issues such as one’s weight, one’s age, one’s family size, one’s profession, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  To the lady ashamed of being pregnant with her fourth.  Yes, I have been there.  I do know the sense of relief that comes from having a stranger give their approval upon learning of my pregnancy, instead of their incredulity or horror.

Others’ family size is one of those things I don’t dwell on.  I don’t talk about family/friends/neighbors, wondering why they don’t have any/have only one/have nine.  So, more than wondering why people are so bold about offering unsolicited opinion on the lives of others, I guess the better question is why such things cross their mind in the first place!

~  FOUR  ~
This.  Yes.  I’ve got nine kids.  Are we killing you yet?  The reason this one knocks it out of the park is this sentence here:

 Resource abuse and overuse happened in parallel with demographic decline.

Precisely! Every environmental, carbon footprint no-no has gotten worse as the birth rate plummets.  Materialism has increased, as the birth rate has tapered off.  And this:

The problem is not simply how many people are killing the planet, but how they are doing it!

 Those who would point their progressive finger at large families ought to use a little logic.

~  FIVE  ~
On a lighter note, the two-year-old indicated that she wanted to try to use the toilet.  We got out the little training potty.  She sat there a few times Thursday.  Fully clothed.  But, get this: she fills her diaper when she’s sitting on the little potty!  She’s on the right track, no?

~  SIX  ~
I took these last weekend.  SUMMER BEGINS TOMORROW!!!

~  SEVEN  ~
Are you keeping up with the latest on teaching children to be contemplatives?

 New hostess this week for 7 Quick Takes!


  1. That environmental issue is interesting. Makes sense, if only from the "how many people per household" point of view. Fewer households, more shared resources, less use of resources.

  2. Exactly!

    Of course, no matter how many people I have living in my house or how much money I have, I cannot see myself (or many people I know) thinking it's great to have one television per person, one computer per person, etc., etc. Some of us would buck the materialistic trends, no matter what.