Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, May 30, 2014

7QT: I have no clever title today

~  ONE  ~
Strawberries are in season!

We made an impromptu stop and we were richly rewarded.  I'm doubling the amount of strawberry jam from last year.

~  TWO  ~
The place we like to purchase our farm-fresh produce is a  . . .  farm.  The produce, baked goods, canned jams, etc. are contained in a big barn, converted for retail purchases There are big doors open to a view of various outbuildings, where you can watch the workers do their thing.  They pull up to this barn with their newly harvested crop and you can purchase it straightaway.

As we were making our strawberry selection today, a woman came back to the table with her quart.  She whispered, as if letting the establishment know of a problem without alerting the other patrons.  'There's a bug in this one.  I'll take another.'  The employee was very courteous, not at all disrespectful, when she pointed out that it was fresh from the field and these things do happen.

~  THREE  ~
Speaking of the animal kingdom, is it weird that my parakeets chirp their happy sounds when I'm frying chicken?

~  FOUR  ~
More on animals.  It annoys me to no end, when I come across print ads for pet food or pet treats in magazines and they make it a selling point that the pet food is manufactured in the United States.  I know they are referring to the time dogs were dying from the Chinese imports.  But the US imports chicken from China, for human consumption, without requiring country-of-origin labelling!  I'm all for safe food for dogs. I do not understand why we won't hold food for humans to the same high standards.

~  FIVE  ~
One of my children brought home a library book about volcanoes.  She wanted to do the exploding volcano experiment.  She was reading the ingredient list and came up to me, puzzled,  "What is a film canister?"

I did a poll.  No one under the age of 15 around here knows what a film canister is.

~  SIX  ~
I love this wall.  It says no-paint, because they used white duct tape.  Honestly, I like painting, so I would tape off the diamonds and do the whole thing with two paint colors.  I'm thinking of doing it for my little girls' room.  They like pink, but doing it in this style would give it a level of elegance that could carry them beyond the young-girls-like-pink phase.

~  SEVEN  ~
Shameless plug.  A new series on Children and Prayer.

Thanks 7 Quick Takes!

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