Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, May 16, 2014

7QT: Donkey Meat, Silence, & Nature . . . Oh, my!

~  ONE  ~

It is the Easter season, so it is time to recite the Regina Caeli, instead of the Angelus.  Here is a family story I will repeat often.  A number of years ago, one of my children got the wording wrong.  Instead of, "For He whom you merited to bear," she thought the line was, "For he whom you married was bare."  We still laugh about that one!

~  TWO  ~

I happened upon Christian Rock Radio and a Basketful of Unicorns.  It's a not-sugar-coated piece about Christian contemporary music.  I find myself agreeing with it.  I'm very picky about my music.  I also suffer PTSD from growing up in the seventies and eighties -- and the fact that way too much church music is still around from that era.  The article isn't just a complaining one, as it has a suggestion for how to fix the problem of basketful-of-unicorns-esque music:

If I had a Christian radio station, I think it would be mostly silence. People who tuned in would listen to dead air, would wait quietly with all the other people listening, sitting in the presence of God. Every once in a while we might play an older hymn, or read a Psalm. Come Vespers we’d pipe in a feed from a Trappist monastery somewhere, and listen to the old brothers chant and sing and the organ echo in the high vaults. And Friday and Saturday night we’d take a few hours to play some of the best CAC stuff, so people could dance. Dancing is important. I’m pretty sure it makes you a better person.

But mostly it would be silence.

I suspect no one would listen.

Brilliant. Sounds like an excellent concept for Christian radio.  As it happens, an excellent concept as a replacement for post-Communion "meditation" music.  SILENCE!!!  We want more silence!

~  THREE  ~

Nature.  The weather has been crazy.  We've had days as hot as July.  Now, though, we're going through a cool spell.  If it stops raining, I will be putting my vegetables and strawberry plants into the ground.  Strawberries, yes!  My husband built for me a raised bed for a strawberry patch.  I'd share a photo, but I didn't want to take the phone or camera out into the rain.  Stay tuned.

~  FOUR  ~

More on nature.  I tried to discourage a robin pair from building their nest on our swingset.  They kept re-building.  So, I let it go.  They built the nest, laid the eggs, sat on the eggs.  The eggs hatched!

All the babies seemed to make it!  It has been enjoyable, watching the parents drop bugs into the open beaks.  The babies have gone from bald to fuzzy to almost-adult robin.  They are stretching their wings and pushing mama up, almost out of the nest, when she tries to sit down.  Here's a very grainy photo of mama bird with two heads peeking out beneath her.

They should begin leaving the nest around Sunday, if they stick to the schedule.  I'm not sure how they are going to all fit in that nest for that many days!

~  FIVE  ~

Have you read the story about Walmart and the donkey meat?  I guess it's not a new story, but it's new to me because I saw it posted on Facebook just this week.  Customers thought they were buying pure donkey meat, but it had fox meat mixed in it, too.  It's yet another story that gives people reason to yell about Chinese imports.  However, there is no such thing as truth in labeling in this country.  'Proprietary rights' give food manufacturers the ability to keep from disclosing ingredients and calling it 'natural flavors.'   That can make people with sensitivities, like me, ill from accidentally eating something they aren't supposed to eat.  The last few days, I've been suffering from some ingredient (probably soy) hidden in something I am eating.  As I haven't been cheating and eating at restaurants, so it has to be an undisclosed item that is causing my reactions.  I'm not going to go down without a sense of humor, though.  I've been running around complaining that someone has sneaked fox into my donkey meat!

~  SIX  ~

Have you seen my blog post about #SOTG?

~  SEVEN  ~

"If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice!"  I haven't yet made any definite decisions about my hair.  But I still haven't colored the grey.

Thanks so much to Jennifer for hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday.  I'm so happy the book sales are going well!

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