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~ GK Chesterton

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Garden Views: End of April

Wednesday has become the photography day, with "Wordless Wednesday."  It's not wordless today, but it is a collection of photographs.

Do try to overlook the fact that we need to add mulch.  Desperately.  It's happening, soon.

Phlox in the butterfly garden.

It smells so pretty, too.

Bulbs are retiring for the season; lavender still sleeps.

Two raspberry plants are spreading to become a patch!

Apple blossoms!

The maple tree is leafing out!

Hosta shoots are coming up.


More elderberry . . . because it's pretty.

Sneaky cilantro next to the oregano. Yum to both!

Tiny Black-Eyed Susans are growing.

Dogwood beginning to bloom.

I always think of this as a quiet lull, when the early spring blooms have faded, but the early summer have yet to flower.  I need to find a flower to fill in this gap.  My mother has suggested irises, but I've never gotten around to doing anything about that.  Maybe more creeping phlox?  Or, just enjoy the blooms on the trees?

It's fun to see how the garden spreads itself in surprising places.  I did not put a cilantro seed next to the oregano; that was self-seeding. The raspberry is spreading out more every year, with baby shoots popping up in the area I've dedicated as a raspberry patch.  Actually, the raspberry is showing up in other parts of the backyard . . . as well as a small plant I've just discovered in the front of the house.  That must be the work of the birds who enjoy the fruit harvest along with us.

Not to anthropomorphize plants, but it is fascinating to observe how individual each plant is.  Our dogwood tree blooms well after every other dogwood in the neighborhood.  I don't know why.  Hostas.  Our neighbors across the street have some well-grown-in hostas, whilst mine are just emerging. My herbs seem to be earlier than ones I see in other gardens.  Each plant has its own timetable!

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