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~ GK Chesterton

Friday, April 25, 2014

7QT: Grey Hair - Am I Nuts?!?!?

Is it completely shallow that I am dedicating an entire 7 Quick Takes to my HAIR?!?!?  Well, no.  Because there’s something larger going on than just hair.

~  ONE  ~
It’s been a few weeks since this post was written, but I cannot get it out of my mind.  Why I’m Letting My Hair Go Gray.  It has rocked my world.

~  TWO  ~
Hair background: I started greying early.  My first greys sprouted in high school.  I was about 25 when a hair dresser suggested doing something about the abundance of grey flecked throughout my hair.  I was very self-conscious of it.  I remembered my grandmother telling me that she had been mistaken for her husband’s mother, since he had dark hair late in life and she greyed rather early.  I didn’t think this was a good thing.  I agreed whole-heartedly with the Madison Avenue take on grey hair:  it’s horrible, resist it, fight it.

~  THREE  ~
Oddly enough, I tend to resist Madison Avenue with every fiber in me, when it comes to every other package they try to sell.  I’m not sure why I’ve bought into their philosophy about hair.  I believed them that curly hair was a curse and only got over that within the last three years.  [Thank you, Lorraine Massey!]  That’s a story for another time, but having embraced my curly locks, embracing the natural color seems the next logical step.

~  FOUR  ~
Like Kendra, the blogger who started this thing for me, I have always been mistaken for being younger than I am.  I hated it.  I was assured I’d love it, once I got older.  I’m 42 and I still don’t like it.  Going natural might be the answer.  I have friends who are plus or minus a decade of me, who have let their hair grey naturally and I think they look beautiful as they are.

~  FIVE  ~
I find it funny to read that hipsters are dyeing their hair grey.  I’m sure that trend will pass and I’ll still be left with my grey or white locks.  But, that’s all right.  The whole anti-aging thing seems to be part and parcel of the “How Baby Boomers Get Life Wrong” theme.  Because they do!  Getting older is not a bad thing.  I wouldn’t trade where I am right now for anything.  In fact, I have a few wrinkles on my face and they don’t bother me in the least.  Those fine lines that will deepen over the years show that I am Real, like in the Velveteen Rabbit.  It shows that I’ve been living a life of laughter and tears, smiles and frowns, the entire range of human emotion.  It shows that I’ve been kissed by the wind and the sun.  If I am fine with my wrinkles, why am I bothered by my hair?  In all truth, I am less bothered by my hair as time goes on.  I just haven’t stopped coloring.  Yet.  I am surprised by the utter lack of concern I have that some people might think it looks horrible, to go natural.  I thought that would be a bigger factor in my decision about this.  I think that’s part of the lovely freedom I’ve gained, in hitting my forties:  I don’t care!

~  SIX  ~
Going natural does not mean I judge those who don’t.  As it happens, many people color their hair just for the fun of it.  Here’s a blogger with an entirely different take on her hair. I think her approach is fantastic. And even if most people I know are not going for a radical pop of color, I think that more people my age are fine with being our age than are those who went before us.  Which puzzles me a bit.  It was the Boomers who said that age didn’t matter, when it came to pursuing your dreams.  Yet, they seem a lot more unsettled about their age than my grandparents’ generation did.  Huh.  

~  SEVEN  ~
I have roots showing now -- I have hair that has held the last color job -- I have hair that has been washed free of the last color job – It’s a crazy mixture.  I’m not sure what to do.  I stand on the precipice, unable to be decisive.  I know that I can change it back, if I don’t like it.  But I hope that I would change it for the right reasons: more like those who color for fun, rather than those who are running from who they are.  (Like I did with the curls.  For decades!)  Of course, the frugal person in me cringes about not using the box of color that is in my bathroom cabinet.  Fear not, I will choose principles over frugality, any day.  I guess I leave this 7 Quick Takes unresolved.

Have a blessed weekend!  Thank you, Jennifer Fulwiler, for hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday!


  1. I love gray hair. I have a couple that sprout up in the front from time to time. No one notices them but me though. I first got these few gray hairs while I was student teaching 7th graders. That was stressful, but I used to dye my hair jet black just because I thought darker hair looked healthier. But I haven't dyed my hair in a few years, and it's totally natural, but I haven't noticed my gray hairs lately...Strange!

    1. Having to face a room full of 7th Graders would likely cause me to sprout a few more. Thanks for the feedback!