Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, April 4, 2014

7QT Friday: Spring is Here Edition

Could it be that spring has arrived?  I'm choosing to celebrate this today, in photos.

~  ONE  ~
Baseball!  Is the "Keep Calm and . . ." thing played out?  Sorry if it is.  I have to post this.  Baseball season has returned.  Baseball is good.  The spring weather that accompanies it is good.

~  TWO  ~
Rain!  Yes, it is a part of spring.  Kind of hard to take, when it spoils picnic or running plans.  But it is helping everything to green up, so it's all right.

Puddling in the grass.

Isn't this lovely?

~  THREE  ~
Wildlife!  The robins have paired off.  The mourning doves are making the kids blush.  The worms are out.

~  FOUR~
Bulbs!  Still coming along.  A rainy day photo and a sunny day photo.

~  FIVE  ~
Herbs!  The perennials return.

~  SIX  ~
Humility! I've shown this bit of embarrassment in other posts.  Overall, I'm a good, safe driver.  I have a teensy problem with manoeuvrability. The rut at the foot of the driveway is getting worse.  Until I have the chance to turn this into something pretty (which will involve removing the grass), I must laugh at the mini pond that has formed in the rain.

~  SEVEN  ~
Reminder!  No reflection on springtime would be complete without this reminder: It is still Lent. Easter is not yet upon us.  Spring fever hits hard.  We are anxiously awaiting spring break.  I am on the lookout for inspiration to keep me motivated.  Liturgical Living at a Glance: April is full of ideas. I'm still working on slowing down and doing things with love -- but with the focus on how God is asking me to do this, not how I think I want to do this.  Here's a good page I bookmarked: Saying no (to yourself).

Thanks, Jennifer for hosting 7 Quick Take Fridays.

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