Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, March 14, 2014

7QT Friday

~  ONE  ~
It’s been another difficult week, health-wise.  I’m not sure I’d call my illness the flu anymore, but it’s certainly a bad cold.  My sinuses won’t clear, so I’ve been deaf most of the week.  This does NOT count as getting quiet into my Lent.

~  TWO  ~
My two-year-old has been clingy lately.  Maybe because she’s under the weather, too.  She has been staying up as late as I do and waking up when I do, much earlier than she should.  Where does one find quiet time for prayer when there is no alone time all of a sudden?  Just when Lent hits!   I have been frustrated because I felt she was getting in the way of my ability to get things done, both regular daily prayer and the Lenten decluttering.  After all, when one’s Lenten resolution is to slow down, any small thing throws a wrench into the works . . .

Ah.  Something hit me on Thursday.  I was slowing down, just not in the way I’d planned.  I was being forced to slow down by a sudden change in a young child’s behavior.  It’s almost as if I’m being tested to see if my slowing down/acting in love resolutions are for God and others, or was it all about me.  I guess my levels of frustration answered that question for me.

~  THREE  ~
The above-mentioned toddler loves the gosling books by Olivier Dunrea. Especially Jasper & Joop.  (Link for informational purposes only; I don't get money for anything here.)

Jasper is the one "who likes to be tidy" and Joop is the one "who likes to be messy."  The kids say that Joop seems more fun because he's more adventurous.  Maybe so, but I identify more with Jasper.

~  FOUR  ~
How fast can a child grow?  My son was shorter than me on his 13th birthday.  Two and half weeks later, he was suddenly taller.  How can it happen that fast?

~  FIVE  ~
I now have three teens living in my house.  I thought teens were supposed to be scary.  Honestly, though, they are great kids!  Yes, they have their moments like anyone else.  But they are fun to have around.  Certainly a different energy level than when they were young kids, but at least teens understand when you tell them that your introverted self has had enough and must bury her nose in a book for while . . .

~  SIX  ~
I enjoy it, when I find a new-to-me blog.  Carrots for Michaelmas.  I was delighted to find this blog, given my Lenten desire to avoid depressing news-related blogs, along with my desire to find edifying reading online.  (Quiet time without the internet is the ideal, but when a two-year-old who disdains sleep is around, nice online reading is a good, quick recharge!)

Haley says she loves Waugh, Austen, LM Montgomery, and Flannery O’Connor.  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  Toss in some GK Chesterton and some Carmelite spirituality and that would make for good conversation over bacon and coffee.

~  SEVEN  ~
Snow.  It came back again.  For a day.  The March snow is too strong for it to last.  I am still clinging to the fact that spring. will. come.   

See?  Our chives are waking up!  Teeny curls of green!  Honestly, they are there! Yay!

Thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary, for hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday!  She keeps me thinking about writing, even if I don't get to it every day.


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