Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Monday, February 17, 2014

With a little help from my friends. . .

The simplest things can be so life-changing.  I’m sure family and friends would be surprised to know how something they’ve said continues to re-play in my head, years after they’ve said it.  Sometimes these are big things that helped me change my perspective.  (Your pro-life activity as a mother is how you live daily life with your kids – don’t be the cranky mom in the supermarket, even if going to the supermarket is the bane of your existence.  Put on a happy face and love your children, even in the supermarket.) Sometimes these are trivial things.  (The best time to wipe down mirror and sink is just after the shower, when the bathroom is still nice and steamy.)

I stumbled upon one of these game-changers recently.  A real-life friend (as in, an in-the-flesh friend, not just another blogger; not that there’s a thing in the world wrong with blogging friends) posted her thoughts about the most unpopular day of the week for many:  Monday.

I know some people really dread Mondays but I like Mondays the way I love September and the New Year - it is a chance to start again, on however small a scale!

One sentence taken from an entire blog, but it is one of those things that seemed to be written in big, flashing lights, with arrows, labeled with my name, perhaps with whistles and fireworks.  You get the picture.

I have always loved fresh start opportunities.  September, yes.  Not just because of a new academic year, but I’m a September baby, so there’s that new start.  New Year, yes.  Advent, yes.  Lent, yes.  First day of spring/summer/fall/winter, yes.  Odd, I never considered Monday as a new start, like the rest of these.

What was wrong with Monday? It started, likely, as a child, since I was never keen on school and Monday dragged me from the sanctuary of the home life I cherished every weekend.  Still, I’m happy with my lot in life now, so why does Monday morning seem so difficult for me?

I believe I need an attitude adjustment.  I’ve been approaching Monday with the wrong frame of mind.  Yes, it is a contrast to the more relaxed pace of Sunday.  Yes, it is the day where I have to consider all the chores, duties, and appointments of the coming week.  But . . . wait.  Making lists, writing schedules, cleaning out and starting fresh are the very things I like about September/New Year/Lent/etc.!!  If I can apply that attitude to Mondays, I change the very way I start the work week!  “It is a chance to start again, on however small a scale.”  Thank you, dear Morgan!

So, what does this mean in practical terms?

I think, on the blog, I will indulge my philosophical musings on Monday mornings.  Even if I write the post over the weekend, or if I dash it off late on Monday night, I will discipline myself to put this positive spin on Mondays.  It will set my spiritual tone for the week.

Starting this morning, I’m going to make Quiet Time a part of our homeschool schedule.  [More on Quiet Time in a future post.  Briefly: in our daily routine, it means solitary and self-directed prayer time, as opposed to vocal, family prayer.]  Quiet Time tends to be too haphazard of an activity, squeezed in whenever it’ll fit.  What kind of a lesson does that teach my kids about making time for prayer?  Thus, a change.  Monday mornings, after breakfast.  Quiet Time.

Other than that, I’ll wait and see what opportunities present themselves.   
This change of perspective helped in getting going this morning.  I woke up feeling more energetic than I tend to feel after a difficult night with a sleepless toddler.  I owe it to this “fresh start” attitude.  In fact, I’ve been up early enough to accomplish quite a bit already.  (Well, the photo gives it away: coffee helps, too!)

I am grateful to God for the friends He has put into my life and the family I’ve been given.  Friends and family are such a vital part of the spiritual journey in life!

Happy Monday Morning!


  1. i think i like mondays. i don't homeschool so it helps me to get the house in order after the weekend when my boys go back to school on monday. but i also love to have quiet time in the morning to read and drink coffee before i start anything else too. best of luck and nice to "meet" you!

    1. And today seems like another Monday, after the holiday yesterday!