Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, February 28, 2014


And . . . we merge Day 5 of 7 Posts, 7 Days with 7 Quick Takes Friday!  I'm tossing in my end-of-month garden views, as well!  

I was a bit afraid that the Garden Views: End of February wouldn't look all that different from Garden Views: End of December or Garden Views: End of January.  Happily, there are some differences, which goes to show that each month has its own beauty.

~ ONE  ~

The snow mound: a mere shadow of itself!

The last big snow was a big one, so despite one warm-up and a lot of warm rain, traces do remain.  This is what was left of the big mounds of snow that were created from shoveling the driveway.

~  TWO  ~



The hungry birds have just about emptied the cupboards.  No berries left on any of the holly bush; the privet is just about picked clean.  I can hear the robins every morning, now.  They must be eating other things.

~  THREE  ~


 This is the elderberry.  Not ready to burst for a while, yet, but the buds are more plump than they were.

~  FOUR ~

One lovely forsythia

Another lovely forsythia
 Views of forsythia bushes. I should make a cutting and force the blooms indoors.  They are getting that look my daughter calls "pretzel."  Indeed, they look like pretzel rods with big chunks of salt.

~  FIVE  ~

Native Grass

The grasses that provided some winter interest will be cut down in the next few weeks.

~  SIX  ~

Identify me!

Identify me!
I have not tried to identify this greenery.  It grows in the garden during cold months.  I guess you could call it winter interest, as well, but I always pull it up when the veg and herbs need planting.

~  SEVEN  ~

Spring will return!!
I tried my best to do the fancy editing things people do, where they circle parts of a photo, or put a giant arrow to highlight some object.  That's beyond my capabilities.  So, you'll have to do the work.  In the very center of this photo, you can glimpse a green triangular shape.  That is a daffodil!!!  At this moment, I am blocking from my mind what the daffodils look like in other parts of the world in which I have lived.  I am singing with happiness over this small sign that spring will come.  Soon.

7 Quick Takes ROCKS!

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