Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes

A week in photos . . .

~  ONE  ~

I went to open the door to get the paper and -- there's a footprint on the door frame.  The print of a bare foot.  Really?  Bare feet in the snow?  No one would confess.

~  TWO  ~

Keeping it real, here.
I feel badly for the women who keep lovely blogs with beautiful photography, when (jealous?) people start making snide comments about "no one's life is that perfect."  So, just to head off any jealousy here (ha ha), I'll reveal my clumsy side. We had a birthday, this week.  I was putting the above piece of cake onto a plate and dropped it into the sink by accident.  The frosting side stuck to the side of the sink.  I managed to scrape it back on.  This does not look appetizing, but it does accurately reflect this "a week in photos" theme.  And, yes, I took that piece for my own.

~  THREE  ~

I've always enjoyed the sight of the great mounds of snow that are formed when large parking lots are cleared.  Here's an image of the mounds, next to the full-sized van.  I had a bunch of kids in the van who wanted to have a go at those!

~  FOUR  ~

We paid a visit to our favorite nursery.  It was so delightful to be in the warm, humid air of the greenhouses.  The smell of the moist dirt is heavenly!  The nursery has a section devoted to miniature gardens.  This was a chicken coop in one of the miniature gardens, the only way some people can enjoy keeping chickens . . .

~  FIVE  ~

Frugal Man's Treadmill

Back when the weather was making a decided change for winter, I shared my indoor running option. That's evolved, as they say.  When it is too icy or cold to haul myself to the indoor track, I've hit upon another option: the basement.  I run in figure-eights, to keep it interesting.  I did almost a 5K here one day this week!

~  SIX  ~

I want the wooden egg rack that is in the Downton Abbey kitchen.  Because of all the various food intolerances in this house, almost everything we eat is made from scratch.  There are days when it is likely I do go through as many eggs as it would take the feed the Upstairs and the Downstairs.  The rack in this photo is not the rack used in Season Four.  But, this pic was the only one I could find.  And, no I didn't take this photo; I borrowed it from this website.

~  SEVEN  ~

The phrase I grew up in Chicago with was "if you don't like the weather, stick around, it will change."  That expression holds for the entire Midwest, I think.  I decided to record the changes that happened in just one week's time in a fairly unexciting location: the back of kids' chairs on the deck.  Hey! I didn't have to trudge through any miserable conditions to snap these.

Saturday: Melting
Sunday: I can see deck!

Monday: Almost as if we'll see a reprieve from winter!
Wednesday: Another winter storm.
Thursday: More snow, but it's so pretty!
There wasn't a lot of snow between Wednesday and Thursday, but what did accumulate was quite pretty.  Large, fluffy flakes.

Thanks, Jennifer Fulwiler, for hosting 7 Quick Takes!


  1. Hello from 7QT! I want that egg rack too...and a greenhouse sounds heavenly!

    1. Ha! Funny that others notice that egg rack!