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Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes: TV Edition

There were no deliberate plans to have a television/film themed list of 7 Quick Takes, it's just how it turned out.

~  ONE  ~

I found a delightful online series of programs, by a family and for families.  Olive Us.  This is their description:

The series is made up of short episodes (typically 2 to 5 minutes) and showcases values we care about like working hard, being kind, helping each other, being creative, problem solving and staying positive even when frustrating things happen.

Our family relationships aren’t perfect, but we hope by modeling positive examples in the videos that it will help us practice better relationships in real life.

~  TWO  ~

My older children and I are big Downton Abbey fans.  However, I believe we are the only ones who did not watch the big premier the other night.  We're holding out for Amazon Prime.  We don't want to watch the edited-for-US-audiences version.  I am ever so grateful to friends for refraining from spoilers: friends in the US, as well as friends in the UK who do not post spoilers on blogs/Facebook/etc.

~  THREE  ~

I recently watched Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."  It's been a while.  I was disappointed to realize that Belle is a bit of a snob!  "There goes that baker, with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls to sell."  "Little town full of little people."  "This poor provincial town."  You know, people who truly enjoy books because they enjoy losing themselves in a story don't get uppity because not everyone shares their joy; if they get uppity, then they are just reading because they think it makes them seem intellectual.  And I, for one, would love to spend some time in a small rural French village, with daily access to freshly baked bread and rolls.  No way would I look down on the people who provide it. She thinks the townspeople are "little," but anyone who walks around in a daze about anything is asking for people to talk about her.  In fact, almost like "Pride and Prejudice," it seems that Belle is guilty of misjudging people as much as the Beast did. Perhaps that is the point of the movie and I've missed it. But if I've missed it, it's because there's never any resolution at the end of the movie in which Belle makes friends with the townspeople and learns that the baker is a poet in his down time, there's a local priest with whom she can discuss Aquinas, and there's a mother of eight who will teach Belle to crochet because it's a handy skill and can be meditative work.

~  FOUR  ~

Speaking of "Pride and Prejudice," I watched "Bride and Prejudice" with my Austen-fan children.  It was my second time seeing it.  If someone were to take "Pride and Prejudice" and turn it into a musical, I'd probably refuse to see it.  (And I do like musical theater!)  Interestingly, breaking into song and dance does not seem unnatural during a Bollywood production.  It works.

~  FIVE  ~

Just over a month until pitchers and catchers report!  Yes, that is related to today's TV theme.  MLB Network.

~  SIX  ~

Classic movie fans?  I hear that TV Guide has a special edition out now, commemorating the 75th anniversary of "Gone with the Wind."  A handful of classic movie fans in this house; one who is into GWTW big time.

~  SEVEN, Part One  ~

I finally got around to seeing "Monsters University."  I love how culturally subversive Pixar is.  At the end of this post, after the "7 Quick Takes" link back to Jennifer, I will write some spoilers.  Don't read beyond the 7QT logo, if you haven't seen the movie. **

Thanks to Jen for hosting 7 Quick Takes!

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about galleys, daily logs, resolutions, and words for *last* year

~  SEVEN, Part Two  ~

** Pixar is delightfully subversive.  Mike learned a lesson that wanting something badly enough doesn't mean you are going to get it.  That's a change from the touchy-feely, feelings-trump-reality society in which we live.  Also enjoyable: Mike and Sully were expelled from university, but they still worked their way up through Monsters, Inc., to do, eventually, the jobs they'd long dreamed of doing.  In this day of five- or six-figure student debt (depending upon your field of study), I wish more companies were willing to let employees work their way up through the ranks in lieu of expensive degrees that may have had nothing to do with one's eventual employment.  In a mix of movies, I guess Belle would have found the uni drop-outs beneath her, but that just shows how wrong she would have been to hitch her star to Randall, who didn't get expelled but ended up making some poor choices during his career at Monsters, Inc.

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