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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving & Retail, Part 2.5

I was very happy to have found this:

If you shop on Thanksgiving, you are part of the problem

Matt Walsh hits everything that bugs me about this.  Allow me to highlight this:

I admit, it’s easy for me to forgo Black Thanksgiving. Stay home, eat food, and drink beer, or wait in long lines at dreary shopping malls, fighting with strangers over half priced Blu-ray players? Not exactly a tough decision in my book. But even if I stumbled into some demented parallel dimension where the prospect of shuffling like a dead-eyed zombie through Target on Thanksgiving suddenly seemed appealing to me, I’d still pass. If for no other reason, this reason is reason enough: I’m not going to force some single mom to ring up my worthless purchases instead of enjoying Thanksgiving with her children.


I read the first handful of comments.  Interesting to hear from people who work retail.  Apparently, if the anchor store at a mall decides to open, all the small stores in the mall must open, as well.  Even those who do not offer "Black Friday" (or "Black Thanksgiving") discounts, such as bridal stores.

So, the greed is far-reaching.

I saw a comment from someone who says his/her family always went to the movies on Christmas, never considering that people had to haul themselves into work that day in order for them to do it.  Hurrah!  They've seen the light and will stop this custom!

Let us live more intentionally, my friends.  We cannot stop contributing to the problem unless we realize there's a problem in the first place!

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