Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, November 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Thanksgiving Edition

~  ONE  ~

Driving through the neighborhood, I noticed someone's lawn care service blowing grass clippings into the road.  Note that our municipality does not come take care of that.  All that is happening is that the lawn detritus is being pushed from one place to another.  It reminded me of when my children are doing decluttering by passing along things they don't want anymore to a sibling, when they cannot bring themselves to throw it away.  Just shifting the problem on to another person.

~  TWO  ~

Life with children is fun, though.  They come up with the strangest, most random things that make me smile.  Like magneting chow mein noodles to the refrigerator door.

~  THREE  ~

Child 6 enjoyed Halloween more this year than last, when she was still pretty young.  Her favorite thing seemed to be pumpkins.  She acquired one at a museum we visited, a small one she carried around in a plastic bag for a number of days.  And she noticed pumpkins everywhere.  Or, at least, reasonable facsimiles.  We were driving by a Chili's, where they have a gigantic (fiberglass?) red chili sticking out of the earth in front of the restaurant.  An excited voice called from the backseat:  Mommy!  Pumpkin!

~  FOUR  ~

I saw this the other day:  13 Skills Your Grandparents Had That You Don't.  First on the list?  The ability to write legibly.  Ouch.  I have a sample of something my grandfather wrote when he was in his twenties.  His penmanship is a work of art.  I think I need to work on this.

~  FIVE  ~

I am grateful that I live in a world with central heating and running water.  Don't think for a moment that I would take that for granted.  Having said that, I have a small complaint.  I strongly dislike that moment after the shower, when I must open the door/pull back the curtain to get my towel.  The shock of cooler air on wet skin is dreadful.  I wish there was a way to dry off before having to open the door/pull back the curtain.

~  SIX  ~

I'm getting very grumpy about all these retailers opening on Thanksgiving.  I am just as grumpy that people are actually shopping that day.  Such a lack of respect for one's family or the employees who work in the retail sector.  I think I will be blogging about this in the coming days.

~  SEVEN  ~

This is that last Friday before Thanksgiving, so the last 7 Quick Takes before Thanksgiving, I will share my biggest item of gratitude.  I am grateful for the things I have observed in family close and near, friends close and near.  I won't give specifics, I won't link to anyone's blog (not everyone I'm thinking of blogs, anyway).  I just want to say that I have noticed so many people I know have grown and changed in such positive ways over the years.  [Not that they were horrible and selfish years ago, of course.]  There are such amazing things done by the people in my life.  Small acts of virtue, big acts of virtue. . .   I cannot judge who is most heroic.  I am just impressed and grateful to be surrounded by special people.  People who have forgiven past hurts, people who were raising difficult toddlers who have become fantastic young adults, people who are working to make their homes and/or communities happier, people who are making a greater effort to be there for others.  The list is exhaustive.  I need to keep this moment of gratitude before me, when I get discouraged by a lot of the upsetting things that go on in the world.  No matter what ugly things do happen, it's probably better to fast from reading the news than to waste time feeling discouraged.  Because most people out there are decent.  And a whole bunch of people I know are more than decent.  I am grateful!!!

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