Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
~ GK Chesterton

Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes: The Reveal!

~ ONE ~
The big launch? This is it!  7 Quick Takes.  If people find me, they do.  If no one reads me, that's fine; I entertain myself well.  I'm not making any other announcements. If or when family and friends stumble upon me, do say HI.  I'm not excluding you from my online life, I'm letting you discover it!

~ TWO ~
Why a blog? Social media can be a real pain. There's so much incivility. As I read the nasty things out there, my emotions range from frustration to anger to hurt, when I see some belief or opinion of mine being willfully misrepresented by a "friend" or "friend of a friend." (Yeah, Facebook, I'm looking at you.)

So, what I can I do about that? I'm returning to blogging because I enjoy writing and because I'd like to be an upbeat presence online. Lots of people disagree with me a lot of the time, but disagreement is no excuse for incivility! In life outside the 'net, I know people who hold a wide range of beliefs, likes & dislikes, hobbies, etc., and not only do we get along, we actually like each other! I'd like to do my part in living like that online.

~ FOUR ~
Did I say "returning to blogging?" I had a blog, once.  I shut it down because I wasn't happy with some of the uncharitable things I wrote there. I was what I hate seeing on social media.  I had a change of heart a few years ago, after hearing a homily in which a priest discussed how it is we interact with others who are adversaries of some sort.  He suggested that if we cannot approach others with love, we shouldn't even enter the arena. I took this as confirmation to step back from the blogosphere.  No blog, no com-boxes. I stepped out of the arena.

~ FIVE ~
And? Withdrawal symptoms! But once I detoxed, and once I knew I wasn't going to comment if all I could offer was sarcasm or gotcha one-liners, something nice (if unexpected) happened.  I didn't feel myself filled with as much outrage.  As much.  I'm still opinionated and I still feel a strong indignation over double-standards and injustice.  I'm working it out with fear and trembling.

~ SIX~
Why Irish Stew? "Irish Stew" is the name my children's Irish dance teacher gives to a collection of different dances, all set to the same music. This blog is a collection of varied thoughts, set to the same theme.

~ SEVEN ~ 
Huh? The collection of varied thoughts: spirituality, motherhood, simplicity, education, gardening, nature, food, etc.  The same theme: well, I'll let that reveal itself . . .

Thanks to Jen for hosting 7 Quick Takes!

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